The Benefit of Yoga

The benefit of yoga
Are you looking for easy way to lose fat? Have you tried everything to flatten your belly, slim your thighs, stiff your butt, and pitch those jiggly arms? Do you want to give up boring exercise? Here is great news for you. I’m going to tell you about an simple, comforting, and FUN way to lose the fat, and lose the stress. You don’t have to go a gym or exercise class—in fact, you don’t even have to leave home. What am I talking about? A breakthrough approach to yoga-yes, yoga-that reshapes your body…while changing your health and your life! How yoga helps you. Lets discover

The Best Way of Dieting

You all know that pure food brings pure blood. You should avoid the two extremes of gluttony and daily fasting and abstemiousness. You should know (1) What to eat (2) How to eat (3) When to eat.

(1) Concentrated food such as contains the maximum amount of nourishment in a minimum quantity should be used. You should study some reliable hand book on the relative values of food and use his judgment. We ourselves use nuts, milk, fruits, whole wheat bread, rice in very small quantity, pulse, etc. Those who are non-meat eaters—and we advise it strongly--will do well to see to it that their menu has a good supply of aluminous food, as vegetarians often run the risk of being overfed as to starch and underfed in nitrogenous foods.

(2) Chew and masticate properly so as to extract the food-Prana in full and break up the food-substance into very small bits, reducing it to pulp. Do not be in a hurry to bolt your food but let it linger in your mouth so as to be properly insalivated and so that the nerves of the tongue, cheek, etc., may all absorb energy from food. Remember your stomach is not lined with rows of teeth. This will give you double the nourishment you get ordinarily, avoid constipation, prevent malnutrition, non-assimilation and over-eating. Out of a very small quantity of food you can extract perfect nourishment and thus you avoid loading and "stuffing" the stomach with unnecessary food. It is also economical in case you are a thrifty soul! Eat to live. Don't live to eat.
(3) Eat when you are hungry. That cultivated "appetite" that craves for satisfaction at certain stated intervals of the day and brings on an "all-gone" fainting, nauseating sensation in the stomach is not real "hunger." In real hunger there is absolutely no sensation in the stomach but there is a rich and continuous flow of saliva in the mouth and that sort of thing makes you enjoy the plainest of fares. Even a dry crust of bread will taste sweet as Manna. Cut off your breakfasts. Drink cold water instead. Eat one good, nourishing meal at 12 A. M., and one light meal in the evening.

Lastly, let plain living and high thinking be your motto. Do not be afraid to eat when you are hungry and so long as you exercise and work with brain and body even two square meals a day are permissible. Do not grow ethereal and airy, because then you will not amount to much in the world's work. Students, who are perfect Brahmacharies, will not care half as much for lots of food as ordinary folk do. A constant feeling of satisfaction and fullness is present in such. But hard workers must never present in such. But hard workers must never be under-nourished and they require more food than others.

Seven Minor Breathing Exercises

The main purpose of breathing exercise is to give you control over your Prana and unfold the Psychic Force latent in you. Seven minor breathing exercise  that develop your mental and physical strengths are-

Exercise I

(1) Stand erect with hands at sides.
(2) Inhale complete breath.
(3) Raise the arms slowly, keeping them rigid until the hands touch over head.
(4) Retain the breath a few minutes with hands over head.
(5) Lower hands slowly to sides exhaling slowly at the same time.
(6) Practise cleansing breath.
Exercise II

(1) Stand erect with arms straight in front of you.
(2) Inhale complete breath and retain.
(3) Swing arms back as far as they will go; then back to first position; then repeat several times, retaining the breath all the while.
(4) Exhale vigorously through mouth.
(5) Practise cleansing breath. 

Exercise III

(1) Stand erect with arms straight in front of you.
(2) Inhale complete breath.
(3) Swing arms around in a circle, backward, a few times. Then reverse a few times retaining the breath all the while. You may vary this by rotating them alternately like the sails of a wind-mill.
(4) Exhale the breath vigorously through the mouth.
(5) Practise cleansing breath.

Exercise IV

(1) Lie on the floor with your face downward and palms of hands flat upon the floor by your sides.
(2) Inhale complete breath and retain.
(3) Stiffen the body and raise yourself up by the strength of your arms until you rest on your hands and toes.
(4) Then lower yourself to original position. Repeat several times.
(5) Exhale vigorously through the mouth.
(6) Practise cleansing breath.

Exercise V

(1) Stand erect with your palms against the wall.
(2) Inhale complete breath and retain.
(3) Lower the chest to the wall, resting your weight on your hands.
(4) Then raise yourself back with the arm muscles alone, keeping the body stiff.
(5) Exhale vigorously through the mouth.
(6) Practise cleansing breath.

Exercise VI

(1) Stand erect with arms "akimbo" that is with hands resting around the waist and elbows standing out.
(2) Inhale complete breath and retain.
(3) Keep legs and hips stiff and bend well forward, as if bowing, at the same time exhaling slowly.
(4) Return to first position and then take another complete breath.
(5) Then bend backward exhaling slowly.
(6) Return to first position and take a complete breath.
(7) Then bend sideways exhaling slowly (vary by bending to right and then to left).
(8) Practise cleansing breath.
Exercise VII

(1) Stand erect or sit erect with straight spinal column.
(2) Inhale a complete breath but instead of inhaling on a continuous steady stream, take a series of short, quick "sniffs" as if you were smelling aromatic salts and ammonia and did not wish to get too strong a "whiff." Do not exhale any of these little breaths, but add one to the other until the entire lung space is filled.
(3) Retain for a few seconds.
(4) Exhale through the nostrils in a long restful breath.
(5) Practise cleansing breath.

How to take Breathing Excercise

Find a quiet place as far as possible, where the air is pure and the surroundings soothing and pleasant. After a bath or a thorough rubbing of the body from top to toe, with a wet towel, on an empty stomach, take this exercise: Send a current of holy thought to everyone, on planes seen and unseen, north and south, east and west, engage in meditation--take anyone of the meditation exercises you like. When you are perfectly calm and relaxed, seat yourself cross-legged, assuming any posture that comes easiest to you, with head, neck and chest held in a straight line and the weight of the upper parts of the body resting on ribs. Keep the region about the waist quite free. Loosen the cloth there out and out. Now inhale air slowly and steadily through right nostril after closing left nostril with your finger as long as it takes to count sixteen mentally. Close nostrils, holding the inspired air within and count sixty-four. Then very slowly exhale the air through the left nostril for as long as it takes to count thirty-two. You must begin with a 4 second inhalation, 16 second retention and 8 second exhalation. Instead of dry counting you might improve yourself decidedly by repeating the word "Fearless" as many times holding mentally that dominant idea back of the word. Practice 5 pranayamas mornings and evenings for one week daily. Increase to 10 next week. Work up to 20. Go slowly. Practice as long as you like, but not less than 6 months. Be serious and earnest. This is not for non-serious minds. This exercise will augment digestive power, steady heart-action, make the body light and the mind calm. It shall help also miraculously in your Soul-Unfoldment. During this practice be pure in all ways. Observe Bramhacharya. Practice mental concentration and spiritual meditation. Don't talk much with others. Don't encourage any but holy society. Don't sleep much. Don't work very hard. Keep your emotions well-in-hand. Be always engaged mentally and physically. Be hopeful and cheerful. Never encourage negative thinking. It shall do wonders for you.

How to Purify your Body

Skills development for the part of consciousness include cleaning of the body is the question. You need to clean each of the three working bodies - mental, astral and physical. Without cleaning yoga is best left alone. First, as the body of thought is purified? When thinking absolute. Then you need your imagination, your great creative tool, nor to use once. Imagining things, and believe his form of mind-body in the organization you want. Imagine something strongly, as the painter imagines when painted. Display an object if the power of visualization in all, if not, try. It is an artistic faculty, of course, most people shed more or less. See how far you play perfect face you see every day. Through this practice to strengthen your imagination and strengthen your fantasy is you will be great tool you need to do yoga practice.

There is another use of the imagination, which is very valuable. If you feel in your body, mind the presence of the qualities you want, and freedom from those who do not, then you are half and did not. Would also weaken many problems in your life when you need to do before they pass? Why wait until you are helpless in the physical world. If you thought that their problems come in the morning, and until it acts exactly in the middle (you should never hesitate to suggest perfect), if the matter in the day seemed to lose its power, and no longer feel the sting in the same measure. Now each of you must put something in your life than your own problems. Do you think of the phrase and not a question, and if he leaves, you get what you think. You can through their problems and get rid of errors when dealing with them by your imagination.

As the thought body, becomes purified in this way, you must turn to the astral body. The astral body is purified by right desire. Desire nobly, and the astral body will evolve the organs of good desires instead of the organs of evil ones. The secret of all progress is to think and desire the highest, never dwelling on the fault, the weakness, the error, but always on the perfected power, and slowly in that way you will be able to build up perfection in yourself. Think and desire, then, in order to purify the thought body and the astral body. And how shall you purify the physical body? You must regulate it in all its activities--in sleep, in food, in exercise, in everything. You cannot have a pure physical body with impure mental and astral bodies so that the work of imagination helps also in the purification of the physical. But you must also regulate the physical body in all its activities. Take for instance, food. The Indian says truly that every sort of food has a dominant quality in it, either rhythm, or activity, or inertia, and that all foods fall under one of these heads. Now the man who is to be a yogi must not touch any food which is on the way to decay. Those things belong to the tamasic foods--all foods, for instance, of the nature of game, of venison, all food which is showing signs of decay (all alcohol is a product of decay), are to be avoided. Flesh foods come under the quality of activity. All flesh foods are really stimulants. All forms in the animal kingdom are built up to express animal desires and animal activities. The yogi cannot afford to use these in a body meant for the higher processes of thought. Vitality, yes, they will give that; strength, which does not last, they will give that; a sudden spurs of energy, yes, meat will give that; but those are not the things which the yogi wants; so he puts aside all those foods as not available for the work he desires, and chooses his food out of the most highly vitalized products. All the foods which tend to growth, those are the most highly vitalized, grain, out of which the new plant will grow, is packed full of the most nutritious substances; fruits; all those things which have growth as their next stage in the life cycle, those are the rhythmic foods, full of life, and building up a body sensitive and strong at the same time.
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Natural and Safe Weight Loss Tips

According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of health and healing, Kapha dosha (humor) is primarily responsible for fat and fat in the body and thus reduce Kapah program is the key to successful weight loss.Here are some tips to effectively reduce Ayurveda Kapha dosha, and thus of overweight and obesity battle.
 weight loss
Among the four dimensions of our being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of this article I will address is the physical dimensionality for reducing Kapha and reduce the correlation of weight.

Weight Loss Tips from Ayurveda

Obviously, an anti-kapha diet is an excellent starting point for those looking to lose weight. This means eating lots of fruits, vegetables, spicy foods and whole grains.

Exercise for Weight Loss

Ayurvedic guidelines should be followed for the proper practice in relation to weight reduction:
  • More exercise best: Kapha's qualities fixed, dull, heavy, sweet and cold to be rejected by the exercise. In other words, the more you exercise more fat and do so to reduce Kapha in your body.
  • Exercise, without too much stress: According to Ayurveda, Kapha people should exert more powerful, but also the exercise should not be extreme. Finding a good balance between too little. A drop of sweat is fun, but if you're completely out of breath, perhaps too much.
  • Be consistent: Kapha body type has a tendency to gain weight if you need to make exercise a part of everyday life. The most difficult is to get your racing program. Once this is done Kapha people tend to be very firm and stable to meet with him in the long term. Since, however, is a different question types, Kapha, and usually requires a shock. The spirit of the shock therapy to understand, not to lose the weight and not, with the exception of the longevity and quality of life in danger. I say no more, start today!
  • Yoga for Weight Loss: Yoga is a great way to exercise their holistic training program to be incorporated. These exercises not only help you lose weight but also help your health and well being.   
  • Post-exercise nutrition: After years of not drinking cold liquids. This period is the key that you are trying to increase the metabolic heat in the cells, causing it to burn more calories and drinking cold fluids at this time, this benefit is denied important exercise.
Hard Physical Work to Burn Calories

According to Ayurveda Kapha reducing physically active life is encouraged. Today's era of technology, computers, TV, TiVo, the Internet, work, etc. The manual is less and less people. We must consciously work to physically take your life. Whether the function of selection cutting grass or shoveling snow, it is important not to live a sedentary life with a glow of television and eat. 

Massage Therapy to Reduce Fat

There are many forms of treatment in Ayurveda, massage is highly recommended. The weight loss and reduction in view of the high Kapha massage oil, like mustard or linseed is reasonable.

The guidelines for weight loss sleep
Do not nap or go to bed early. If you want to reduce weight and Kapha in mind that more calories when you're awake and active for a happy snuggled under the covers burned.
These tips will help you to weight loss goals and help you lose weight, be healthier and fitter.

Valeo Neoprene Hand Weights

Valeo Neoprene Hand Weights
If you are looking for some lightweight, fixed dumbbells, Neoprene hand weights should work excellent one. The neoprene coating provides a comfortable non-slip grip- as opposed to those that are bare metal (some of those metal ones with "hatch marks" on the grip are downright painful). Weights help improve muscle tone and core strength and they enhance all aerobic exercise and fitness training. Use your 10-pound weights to build muscle mass and tone your arms, back, and shoulders. Walk with your weights to add resistance and burn more calories. Target all the major muscle groups of your upper body for the best results.

The only disadvantage to buying dumbbells such as these is that the weight is set. In other words, for any given exercise, you will only be able to get "5 pounds strong".  It may be heavy at first, but as you get stronger, 3-lbs will get too light. 5-lbs will also get the toning done, without bulking you up.

Product Details:
Size: 10lb
Color: Black
Shipping Weight: 20.5 pounds

Complication to Yoga

The obstacle to Yoga is very inclusive. First, disease: if you are diseased you cannot practice Yoga; it demands sound health, for the physical strain entailed by it is great. Then languor of mind: you must be alert, energetic, in your thought. Then doubt: you must have decision of will, must be able to make up your mind. Then carelessness: this is one of the greatest difficulties with beginners; they read a thing carelessly, they are inaccurate. Sloth: a lazy man cannot be a Yogi; one who is inert, who lacks the power and the will to exert him; how shall he make the desperate exertions wanted along this line? The next, worldly-mindedness, is obviously an obstacle. Mistaken ideas are another great obstacle, thinking wrongly about things. One of the great qualifications for Yoga is "right notion" "Right notion" means that the thought shall correspond with the outside truth; that a man shall he fundamentally true, so that his thought corresponds to fact; unless there is truth in a man, Yoga is for him impossible. Missing the point, illogical, stupid, making the important, unimportant and vice versa. Lastly, instability: which makes Yoga impossible, and even a small amount of which makes Yoga futile; the unstable man cannot be a yogi.

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